fredag 7 februari 2014

Vintage dresses and a maximalist else

I want to make a few of these. I agree with her that a few of these look relly wearable. It would be a wonderful thing if the pattern companies eventually would digitalize old patterns, making them available for shopping, but I have a hard time believing they'd do that. I need to get better at pattern construction.

Also I've found out I need my own portable wearable star chart. I saw it worked in dark blue and slightly adapted recently, and have decided I will get yarn and pattern as a present for myself on the day I sign up for a new job.

I have been reading up on decluttering and minimalism lately, partly because I still have loads of unnecessary Misc Stuff (I hate cleaning), and partly since I need to change some life components that don't make me happy (it's a nice metaphor). I'm revisiting this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, wardrobe architect, tiny living (no, I'm NOT moving) and a collection of online courses

Have also done a new, brave thing today. Or, at least, it's new and brave for me. My local library gets copies of lots of good magaines, among them Burda. Not much of the things I'm interested in come in my size though, so I rarely buy it myself (you get to borrow old copies from the library, but then are not NOW). Anyway, I went to the library with a piece of pattern paper and copied the pattern for a really cute top that someone in one of my fb groups had made and that only come in smaller sizes. 
It felt a bit odd, standing in a remote area of the library with a pattern, but I did it. An now the resizeing. Wish me luck.

And lastly I wan't to share a piece of advice I don't want to loose in my pile of unsorted bookmarks.

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